Jada Anastasia

I’m a New York native. I moved to Florida in 2002 and attended Florida A&M University. I have always loved, makeup, beauty and fashion and known that my career path wouldn't be traditional. After speaking to industry professionals, it became clear that I needed to learn & understand the foundation of all great makeup application...proper skincare.


In 2008, I followed my passion and attended the Aveda Institute, Tallahassee to become a licensed Full Specialist/Esthetician.  I continued to develop my craft and attended the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, where I studied Production & Special Effects Makeup. While there, I had the opportunity to study under the instruction of some of the most successful makeup artists in the industry.

During my years of training, I experimented with several plant-based oils (ie, essential oils) creating many of my own distinctive formulations. In doing so, I began to notice that many of the fragrances I enjoyed smelled nothing like their natural counterpart. Once I smelled the real deal, I developed a serious disdain for the fragrances that were chemically engineered. I also realized that many products labeled “natural” or that were more “high-end” came with a hefty price tag. Unhappy with this realization, in 2009, I created Just Jada (formerly known as Body Snacks) for the person who, like me, is tired of over-priced, artificially fragranced, watered-down products.

Just Jada uses a variety of natural and cruelty-free ingredients to create quality products without compromising fragrance or the hefty price tag. Each product has been carefully crafted with YOU in mind.