Skincare Simplicity

I've been an esthetician for 13 years. It's funny...more than 75% of my first-time clients tell me they either wash their face with bar soap and water ( ugh) or they go to the drugstore, buy whatever is on sale and use that on their skin (Jesus take the wheel).

When I would ask why, the answer, for most, was the same. They found creating an actual skincare routine to be too tedious. My response has always been the same and, in essence, it's quite simple. Time doesn't equate to effectiveness. Just because a routine uses 35 products and takes 2 days, it doesn't mean your skin is actually benefiting from that routine. If you're using the right products for your skin type, the rest is a breeze. 

Full transparency, I have two kids under 7 who never give me more than 35 seconds alone in the bathroom ( or any room, for that matter) before they bust in, requesting a bottle of water that is less than two feet away from them (le sigh and eye roll). In between being supermom, being a successful entrepreneur, trying to maintain a social life and throw a lil' sleep in the mix...ain't nobody got time to be spending 3 hours on a skincare routine.

When I created Just Jada, I took science, added practicality, sprinkled a little Jada flare and created effective, easy-to-use products. Just Jada has something for all your skincare needs and you don't have to dedicate a ton of time to your routine. Pick the right products (there's a chat available to help you figure out what you need), be consistent and watch em' work!


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